Natural Calcium

The Source of Natural Calcium

Steinsieker is the Natural Mineral Water with the Calcium Plus:

With 620 milligrams of Calcium per liter - Original from the source - Steinsieker is the Calcium richest Natural Mineral Water worldwide - bottled exclusively in Germany.

The Calcium originates directly from the Steinsiek source and is 100 % natural. Steinsieker’s natural Calcium in its dissolved form is easy to digest and excellently absorbed by the body. It has a high bioavailability, equivalent to the Calcium from milk or dairy products but with zero calories. The label ”Natural Mineral Water” is a guarantee by German/EU law that Steinsieker is directly bottled at source without any preservatives, additives, or any chemical treatment. As an artesian spring, even the water is naturally propelled to the surface.


1 liter of Steinsieker Natural Mineral Water provides 62 % of the recommended daily Calcium intake of an adult and 48% of that of an adolescent.


Thanks to its natural carbonation Steinsieker is gently sparkling, has a very refreshing taste, and goes with any diet. 


Steinsieker is available in the light 1.0 liter PET bottle as a six pack with a convenient carrier. The high quality PET bottle is 100 % recyclable including cap and label.


Drinking Calcium is easy with Steinsieker:

a completely natural Calcium source and a really delicious drink.