Mineral Composition

The Analysis

The analysis shows the specific mineral composition.

Officially recognized analysis of Institut Fresenius

This official analysis is confirmed by regular control analyses.

With 620 milligrams per liter Steinsieker contains four times more Calcium than the minimum measured quantity qualifying a Natural Mineral Water as ”Calcium rich” by German/EU regulation (more than 150 milligrams / liter).


Due to its low sodium content, Steinsieker has an excellent Calcium/sodium ratio.

Steinsieker also contains bioavailable magnesium and natural silica.

Sip by sip the body gets valuable minerals for its metabolism. Each mineral has a specific effect on the health. Calcium is of major importance for healthy bones and teeth, magnesium for muscles and nerves, sulphate has a digestive effect and is also involved in protein building and in the creation of cartilage. All minerals are fully natural. As dissolved ions they are excellently bioavailable for the body and thus highly efficient.

The unique mineralization, the Calcium richness and the gentle carbonation give Steinsieker its well-balanced body and its refreshing taste.


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