How much Calcium does your child need?

1. August 2014

Getting enough Calcium is important for children right from the beginning!

Children need Calcium to build bones and teeth. Children’s bones store Calcium, build up bone mass and provide the basis for strong bones as an adult. According to the recommendation of the German Organisation for Nutrition in the first four years of life a child needs 600 mg a day and from 4 - 7 years 750 mg a day. From 7 – 10 years of age this requirement increases to 900 mg a day. Teenagers even need 1,200 mg Calcium a day.

This is the reason, why a glass of milk a day was standard for generations of children. Today’s children often do not like the taste of milk or milk does not agree with them or they suffer from allergies. The refreshing alternative to milk is a glass of Calcium-rich Mineral Water such as Steinsieker. With more than 620 mg per liter Steinsieker is full of a 100% natural Calcium, straight from the source without a single calory.


Do not forget: children need to drink at least one liter a day.