What does Natural Mineral Water mean?

Natural Mineral Water is strictly regulated by German and EU legislation to ensure it is of proven natural origin, meets the highest quality standards, and is naturally free of any pollution.

Natural Mineral Water must originate from a specified, underground source via a spring that is protected from all risk of pollution. It must originate from an  officially recognised spring and must be bottled at source which means via a direct pipeline connection from source to bottling.

Natural Mineral Water must have an officially controlled mineral composition that remains stable over time. It may not be changed or chemically treated.


Spring Water does not have to originate from an officially recognised source and a stable mineral balance is not a requirement.


What does Calcium rich mean?

A Natural Mineral Water by German/EU standards is defined Calcium rich when it contains more than 150 milligrams of Calcium per liter. 


How much should one drink per day? 

It is recommended to drink 2 liters per day (soft drinks not included). 

Make sure that you are well hydrated. 60% of the body is made up of water.


What is the shelf life of Steinsieker?

The shelf life of Steinsieker’s PET bottle is up to 12 months from filling.


How soon does a Steinsieker bottle have to be used up? 

An opened Steinsieker bottle should be consumed within a few days. 


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