Calcium is Necessary

Everyday for Everybody

The body cannot produce Calcium. Ninety-nine percent of all the Calcium in the body is found in the bones and teeth. The best way to get Calcium is from foods.

An adequate supply of Calcium is important for everyone, everyday, especially pregnant women, teenagers and best agers. Building bone mass is essential in adolescent years. From 30 – 35 years onward the peak bone mass is continuously reduced year by year. Calcium is absorbed less effectively as we age.  

Dipl. oec. troph. Anja Krumbe

”Not everybody likes milk or dairy products or can effctively digest lactose. A good way to get the Calcium the body needs is to drink Calcium rich mineral water. This saves calories and keeps the body hydrated”.

Dipl.oec.troph. Anja Krumbe, renowed nutritionist, Cologne/Germany, frequently asked by German TV stations.

Other good food sources of Calcium are milk, dairy products, green vegetables such as broccoli, hard cheese such as Parmesan or Edam, and nuts. Adequate vitamin D in the body is important for Calcium absorption. 


When the body does not receive enough Calcium, it takes this mineral from the bones. The loss of bone mass may effect osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is one in ten of the most frequent deseases worldwide (source: WHO-World Health Organization). 


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